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Corrugated Board

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Obtain kraft paper box that meet all practical needs from DS Packaging

Whether it’s a startup or a mature business, all companies need product packaging. Don’t worry, DS Packaging is ready to provide you with practical Packaging needs; We specialize in kraft paper box, round box, as well as cosmetic packaging box.

Corrugated mailing boxes are very useful and extensive in transportation and storage. There are all kinds of boxes in all colors. We are a reputable manufacturer of kraft paper box. We have long term commercial customers coming to us for custom designed mailing boxes.

Ideal choice for transportation:

Kraft paper box are best for transportation because they are specially designed with cushions to protect their contents. The ruts between the corrugated paper provide amazing support during transportation. The boxes we produce are strong enough not to damage the contents; Therefore, the package arrived at its destination intact.

Corrugated mailing box are also used for displacement purposes. They are especially popular with small businesses because they have amazing materials and can easily write anything on them; Customers can print personalized messages and logos on their boxes.

Common Printing Used for Customised Boxes:

The following are the most popular types of corrugated kraft paper box:

Single side printing: one printed paper is glued to another corrugated paper. Most customers buy these types of boards because they can be used to wrap products to provide protection.

Double-sided printing: Two sheets of printed paper between the corrugated paper, like a hamburger sandwiched between beef, in addition to the single-sided appearance of the box can also display product information, company social media messages, slogans.

The best part is that customers can get custom mailing boxes in different shapes, measures, colors and materials base on your products. We are here to offer you the best Flute selections such as B-Flute, C-Flute, E-Flute, B&C-Flute and more. Get custom corrugated kraft paper box at affordable prices.

Which Box to Choose?

The first step to choose the best boxes is to understand the mailing boxes that fulfill the requirements. If our customers do not know what would be suitable, we specialize in helping them choose. Single wall mailing boxes are the cost-effective solution but if customers are looking for maximum protection, other choices would be more suitable. Wholesale cardboard boxes and packing supplies from our company are durable and affordable.


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