Guide about Handle box

Packaging is essential in all kinds of businesses. Whether it’s a startup or a mature business, all need product packaging. A business needs packaging for its products to promote the brand and make it easier for people to buy, sell, and distribute them. The primary goal is to keep the product secure while it is transported and stored. There are several packing choices available on the market. But, Handle boxes are one of the most suitable packaging boxes.

Onepack is a reputable manufacturer of handle boxes. We specialize in handle boxes, paper tubes, as well as cosmetic packaging boxes. Handles boxes are very useful and extensive in transportation and storage. There are all kinds of boxes in all colors.

What are handle boxes?

Handle boxes are the popular type of custom boxes in the packaging world. They are the most preferred packaging boxes. It is a box with a handle. It is formed from a piece of corrugated cardboard, and without separate upper and lower flaps. The one-piece flap can close the carton. They are recyclable boxes. Its surface is glossy laminated. They are recyclable, odorless, and come in a variety of colors. Its structure on the top and a sticky bottom structure at the bottom.

Handle boxes are made up of strong and durable materials that can keep the commodities protected for a long. It is a friendly, cost-effective, long-lasting, and die-cut packaging box. The handles on these boxes make them more convenient to take and carry from place to place. Because they are adaptable, handle boxes are created in a variety of ways to suit the occasion. They can also pack more than one type of odd stuff.

Applications in Industries

Handle boxes can help in all of these businesses, whether you work in the food industry, operate a grocery store, medical store, or cosmetics shop. They are used for different items like food items, electronic goods, etc. They can be used for gift packaging, candle packaging, food packaging, and so on. These boxes are practical and simple to carry thanks to the grip on top. These are part and parcel of every industry and can be used to place products of any type.

Handle box structure features

  1. A piece of corrugated is folded and glued to the sides to form a tubular box.
  2. When using, it is necessary to open the blank of the box, seal the top and bottom flaps, and shape it into a carton.
  3. Because the box blanks can be folded for transportation, the transportation cost is low.
  4. Since the flute direction is along the height direction, the compressive strength is higher.

You can customize these boxes in all shapes and sizes according to your requirement. High-tech printing variations can also be applied to these boxes to make them more beneficial for the product inside and give them a fascinating and alluring outlook.

Why choose Onepack?

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